Hokuto Renkitōza
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• 4/30/2015

hokuto no ken (sega Saturn J)

here goes..

anyone know how to translate / conjugate / interpret / etc. the battle screen?

like what are the different meters for, (life is obviously life) especially the blue meter & how do we manipulate it? I notice enemies can maintain a solid blue line, while ken's is empty, so im guessing im missing something there.

also defense & recovery, is it simply one of the options in the drop down menus, or are there special controls involved? most of these options seem to be attacks. only?

any tutorials etc (besides this wiki, which seems to be the ONLY source I can find on the net) anywhere?

I get that its pretty much a "graphic" game, as opposed to a totally interactive video game, but there's really no info anywhere that I can find.

thank you.

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• 10/18/2015

Sorry man, can't help you. But just by way of discussion... I recently picked up FOTNS Kens Rage for Xbox 360 and it is freaking awesome. Really immersive in the story line. Love all the side characters with their own side storylines. You should defo check it out if you are a FOTNS fan and have an Xbox.

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