Aisin-Gioro Puyi (愛新覺羅溥儀 Aishinkakura Fugi?) Flag of Manchukuo Flag of the Emperor of Manchukuo (c.v. Hiroshi Yanaka)


Former Emperor of China, the then-emperor of Manchukuo, Puyi spent the majority of his life as puppet emperor of the Japanese Empire and lived in constant fear of assassination by the Kuomintang or by the military. On April 6, 1935, the neurotic Puyi came to Japan aboard the Battleship Hiei under the cover of a "Japan-Manchuria Friendship Envoy" to employ the legendary Hokuto Shin Ken successor Kenshirō Kasumi as his bodyguard.

Kenshiro Kasumi invaded Puyi's palace because some of Puyi's Imperial Guards tried to kill Kenshiro for the reward offered by Hónghuá Huì for his head and because Puyi had used Li Yongjian as his taster. Puyi is beaten and becomes forcibly enlightened by the insignificance of his life in death. Eventually, he wakes up, and realizing his life was spared, saying that Kenshiro is the only person that he can call péngyǒu (朋友 friend).


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