Ami, as she appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji アミ
Name in Romaji Ami
Family Jay (fiancé)
Position(s) Villager
Appearances Anime (ep. 61)
Voice actor(s) Hiromi Tsuru
Ami (アミ Ami?)
A young woman from Swany Village who watches over the children, she was engaged to Jay, a member of Shu's resistance. It was agreed they wouldn't marry until Jay had rescued her little brother from the Holy Emperor.
Unknown to her at the time, Jay is killed by Galzus, a member of Souther's army, who later invades her village and takes her hostage. Kenshiro arrives and defeats Souther's men before killing Galzus and saving Ami. Ami is told of Jay's fate by Kenshiro, who gives her the light-bulb parts entrusted to him by Jay in his final moments. To honour her love, Ami vows to never let the light burn out.


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