Anna (Jagi Gaiden)
Anna, as she appears in Jagi Gaiden.
Name in Kanji アンナ
Name in Romaji Anna
Allegiance(s) Jagi
Family Boss (older brother)
Position(s) Jagi's girlfriend
Appearances Jagi Gaiden
Anna (アンナ Anna?)
Appearing in Jagi Gaiden, Anna was the younger sister of Boss, leader of a motorcycle gang. She met Jagi when he fled the Hokuto dojo and joined her brother's gang. Anna grew close to Jagi and supported him in his dream to become Hokuto Shinken successor, encouraging him to carve out his own destiny. She also inspired Kenshiro when she scolded him for holding back against Jagi in their sparring matches. An act that would inadvertently send Jagi into exile afterwards.
When Jagi disappeared, Anna spent the next ten years waiting patiently for his return. However, after the nuclear war, her brother's gang was attacked and she was kidnapped by a rival biker gang now turned raiders. Anna managed to escape into the wasteland only to be caught again and brutally gang-raped. After her attack, she crawled to the Hokuto dojo, where she died in Kenshiro's arms, believing he was Jagi. Jagi arrived shortly afterwards and was consumed by despair at her death. He tracked down the bandits and slaughtered them with Hokuto Senju Satsu, betraying the laws of Hokuto. After Jagi's death, Anna's brother condemned him for failing her and hoped his sister would find a better love in the next life. The fact that Jagi sees Anna's ghost several times, and the last scene shows two flowers one black and a smaller green one are growing out of his mask, implies that those two will be together forever in this life or the next.


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