Asgarðr (アスガルズル Asugaruzu?) is the main setting in the Rei Gaiden manga. A fortified city ruled by its founder and queen, Eva, who created the city as a sanctuary for women of the wasteland, with its main attraction being a popular brothel. The city was protected by female warriors known as the Valkyries and mercenaries hired from outside the city walls.

Known ResidentsEdit

  • Eva - Former queen (deceased)
  • - Current queen
  • Frieda - Captain of the Valkyries
  • Natalia - Valkyrie
  • Rima - Aide to the Valkyries and guard of Asgarðr.
  • Mel - The sister of Eva's former handmaiden.
  • Lan - Rima's aide.
  • Zan - Bodyguard working at the West Side.


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