Baiken Kinbu (金峰梅軒 Kinbu Baiken)

A Class A Taizanji Kenpō assassin. The last boss that Kenshiro Kasumi fights in the Hokuto no Ken one-shot, and
Baiken k
also the strongest Taizanji Kenpo assassin. Baiken murders Ryu and Yoko in cold blood for attempting to leave the organization.

Kenshiro dispatches him with the Hokuto Hyakuretsu Dan, leaving Baiken's head to explode and avenging his victims.

Notes Edit

  • In the main series, pre disfigurement Jagi resembles Baiken in the flashbacks.
  • In the anime series, Balcom, while looking vastly different, has a nigh identical fighting style. His fight with Shin exactly matches Baiken fight with Kenshiro.

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