Balcom, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji バルコム
Name in Romaji Barukomu
Alternate spelling(s) Barcom
Fighting Style Taizanji Kenpō
Allegiance(s) Shin
Position(s) Generalissimo of KING
Appearances Anime (ep. 17-21)
Voice actor(s) Seizō Katō
Beau Billingslea (dub)
Generalissimo Balcom (バルコム大将軍 Barukomu Daishōgun?)
The leader of Shin's army in the TV series and a master of Taizanji Kenpō. At the gathering of the KING factions, he describes Kenshiro's various exploits as they gather to deal with the growing threat.
After presuming to have killed Kenshiro during an airstrike, Balcom launches a mutiny against Shin to seize power for himself, murdering Nariman who opposes the plot. However, Balcom is no match for Shin's Nanto Seiken and suffers a bloody death. In the aftermath of his death, Southern Cross is set ablaze by the rebelling thugs.


  • Balcom was modelled after Baiken Kinbu, a villain from the pilot version of Hokuto no Ken. He uses the same fighting style, and the battle between him and Shin is visually identical to the battle between Baiken and Kenshiro Kasumi.


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