Bella, as she appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ベラ
Name in Romaji Bera
Fighting Style Ranzan Kurenai Ken
Allegiance(s) n/a
Position(s) Prisoner of Cassandra
Appearances Anime (ep. 38)
Voice actor(s) Keiko Toda
Bella (ベラ Bera?)
A prisoner of Cassandra, who succeeded her father after his death to become the successor of Ranzan Kurenai Ken and abandoned her womanhood. Uighur ordered her to kill Kenshirō, believing women to be his weakness, but Bella refused until he promised the return of her scroll and the freedom of her elderly mother.
Bella confronted Kenshirō and as expected he refused to fight back and sensed the sadness within Bella's eyes. When Kenshirō saved a young girl during the battle, Bella conceded defeat. However, her mother was then murdered by Targel for her failure, and Bella was also killed after challenging him. Kenshirō avenged her death by killing Targel.


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