Boltz, as illustrated in the Hokuto no Ken 2 Famicom game guide.
Name in Kanji ボルツ
Name in Romaji Borutsu
Alternate spelling(s) Volts
Fighting Style Gento Kō Ken
Allegiance(s) Jakō
Position(s) General of the Blue Light
Appearances Anime (ep. 114-119)
Voice actor(s) Yōsuke Akimoto

Boltz (ボルツ Borutsu?) is a villain who appears exclusively in the Hokuto no Ken TV anime series. He is a renegade master of Gento Kō Ken who serves Jakō along with Taiga. He substitutes Jakō's younger son, Shiino, in the anime version of the story. Boltz holds the title of the Blue Light General of the Imperial Capital due to the color of his fighting aura.

When Falco placed Shōki in a state of false death after an argument over Jakō, Boltz followed them to the canal of corpses to determine whether Shōki was truly dead. After finding out Shōki was still alive, Boltz stabbed Shōki with his lance while he was still inside the floating corpse bag, resulting in a mortal wound that led to Shōki's death. When the Hokuto Army later marched into the front gates of the Imperial Capital, Boltz burned the Hokuto Army's flag at the capital's lookout stand as a gesture of mockery. Kenshirō, furious at Boltz for what he did to Shōki, threw the same spear Boltz used to kill Shōki at him from an incredible distance. While the spear barely missed his face, it grabbed Boltz' collar and pinned him into a wall. Boltz was shocked to find out that his own spear was used against him.

Boltz went down to the front gate of the Imperial Capital to face Ken one-on-one. While Boltz used many of his best techniques, including one where he created blue light spears with his own aura, Ken defeated him. He was sent flying into the first gate and his explosive death resulted in the destruction of the gate.

Hokuto no Ken 2 (Famicom)Edit

Boltz' only appearance outside the anime series was in the Famicom video game version of Hokuto no Ken 2, where he appears as the guardian of the Imperial Capital's gate at the end of Stage 5. His counterpart from the manga, Shiino, also appears at the following stage. The official strategy guide goes with the manga version of the storyline by stating that it was Shiino, instead of Boltz, who killed Shōki.


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