Boogaloo 1
Boogal, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ブーガル
Name in Romaji Būgaru
Fighting Style Tenkai Muō Ken
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Underling of Ken-Oh
Appearances Anime (ep. 83)
Voice actor(s) Masaharu Satō
Boogal (ブーガル, Būgaru)
A minion of Raoh and master of the Tenkai Muō Ken style. Boogal lorded over an unnamed village and controlled its water supply. He enjoyed taking public baths at the expense of the villagers who were dying of thirst due to Boogal only giving them pitiful drips for rations. This wastefulness made Boogal unpopular even among his own gang, who noted Lord Ken-Oh wanted Boogal to take care of the village.
During his bathing, he tried to force feed an elderly villager his bathwater to drown him when the man asked for more water. His constant bathing allowed him to mask his scent, which he used to perform a surprise attack on Kenshirō. Boogal was easily defeated when Kenshirō struck a pressure point causing him to die in his own bathtub.