Boxer (real name unknown)
The boxer, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ボクサー
Name in Romaji Bokusā
Fighting Style Boxing
Family none known
Position(s) Former heavyweight champion
Appearances Manga (ch. 46), Anime (ep. 34)
Voice actor(s) Ryoichi Tanaka
Boxer (ボクサー, Bokusā)
An unnamed former heavyweight boxer who deliberately allowed himself to be caught and taken to the False Toki (Amiba) in order to infiltrate his headquarters and kill him. He claims to have a punching speed of 200 km/h and the strength to smash a one ton rock.
Amiba paralyzes him in battle and experiments on him with a new vital point that will enhance his speed twofold. The experiment fails and the boxer's shoulder ruptures violently. Amiba sees no further use for him and orders his men to dispose of the failed subject's remains.

TV seriesEdit

In the anime, Goum, a nameless henchman the Boxer punched out in the manga, brings the boxer to Amiba instead of Habu.