Bronza, as depicted in the official Hokuto no Ken 2 guidebook.
Name in Kanji ブロンザ
Name in Romaji Buronza
Fighting Style Gento Kō Ken
Allegiance(s) Four Devas of Gento
Position(s) General of the Red Light
Appearances Hokuto no Ken 2 (Famicom game)

Bronza (ブロンザ Buronza?) is an enemy character who appears exclusively in the Hokuto no Ken 2 Famicom video game, where he serves as the end-boss of Stage 6. He is a member of Four Devas of Gento (元斗四天王 Gento Shitennō?) (a group which consists of Solia, Taiga, Boltz and himself), serving as the General of Red Light. He is characterized as the only known warrior outside the Hokuto Shin Ken school to master the ultimate technique of Musō Tensei, although the circumstance that led to him learning the technique are unknown. He blends his Gento Kō Ken style with Musō Tensei, creating a secret technique known as the Ring of Light (光の輪 Kō no Rin?).


Bronza was created alongside Taiga and Boltz by character designer Masami Suda during the pre-production stages of the Hokuto no Ken 2 anime to serve as additional Gento Kō Ken practitioners based on different colors. At the time, the manga was still in the early chapters of the Tentei story arc and their roles in the story were not yet fully realized. The wardrobe of the three Gento warriors were based on Solia.[1] While Taiga and Boltz ended up being used in the anime as stand-ins for Jask and Sheeno, Bronza's character was discarded in favor of making Shōki (a later-introduced character) into the General of Red Light.

Despite this Bronza still ended up being used as a boss character in Toei's Hokuto no Ken 2 video game. The official strategy guide seems to suggest that Shōki and Bronza exists as separate characters in the game's universe, as Shōki's death at the hands of Sheeno is alluded in the guide.


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