Buckham, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji バッカム
Name in Romaji Bakkamu
Fighting Style Needle knives and Combat knives
Allegiance(s) Colonel
Position(s) GOLAN Supreme Captain
Appearances Anime (ep. 8)
Voice actor(s) Takeshi Watabe
Buckham (バッカム Bakkamu?)
A Golan soldier and captain of the Colonel's elite guard who lies in ambush for Kenshiro on his way to face the Colonel. He surprises Kenshiro with a volley of Needle Knives (used by Mad Sarge in the manga), thin projectile weapons that drain the blood from the victim's body. However, Kenshiro neutralizes its effect by contracting his muscles and defeats Buckham's men in close combat before killing Buckham with the Kōshu Hatō Ken attack.



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