Clifflanders (クリフランダー Kurifurandā?)
Appearing in Jubaku no Machi and its animated adaptation, Shin Hokuto no Ken. The name of the Hokumon no Ken monks who lived in the mountains, it is said those who ventured into their territory have never returned. Kenshiro forces his way into their temple in order to retrieve medicine for the sick Bista by avoiding a series of traps and defeating the Clifflander's strongest assassins.
It is revealed to Kenshiro that the Clifflanders based their temple around an old disposal site for bio-chemical and nuclear weapons. To protect the weapons from falling into the wrong hands, they sealed the mountains from intruders. It is forbidden for any Hokumon disciple to leave the order, however, Seiji was able to escape from the temple and defeat his pursuers.

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