Dagar, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ダガール
Name in Romaji Dagāru
Alternate spelling(s) Dagal, Dagale, Dagarl
Fighting Style Nanto Hiyoku Ken
Allegiance(s) Yuda
Family none known
Position(s) Yuda's Lieutenant (ユダの副官 Yuda no fukukan?)
Appearances Manga (ch. 76-78), Anime (ep. 52-53),Ten no Haoh, others.
Voice actor(s) Yūsaku Yara
Tōru Furusawa (Ten no Haoh)

Dagar (ダガール Dagāru?)

Yuda's lieutenant and master of Nanto Hiyoku Ken (南斗比翼拳?, "South Dipper Conjoined Wing Fist"). When Kenshiro and Rei enter Yuda's castle to confront him, they meet Dagar, who mocks them and reveals that Yuda has already left for Blue Town. He attempts to attack Kenshiro, but is quickly subdued when Ken strikes a vital point that causes him to feel intense pain for the rest of his life.
After Ken and Rei leave the castle, Dagar is left writhing in agony and murders two of his own minions in an uncontrollable frenzy. Yuda comes out of hiding and reveals that he secretly witnessed the fight and lied about visiting Blue Town because he knew that Dagar would give away his location. Feeling betrayed and used as a pawn, Dagar attacks his master, but Yuda scoffs at his arrogance and splits him in half with his Nanto Kōkaku Ken shock wave technique, Yōsō Hazan.

Character RatingEdit

From Hokuto no Ken: Kyūkyoku Kaisetsusho: Seikimatsu Haō Retsuden.

  • Level: D
  • Power: 1
  • Speed: 2
  • Skills: 2
  • Looks: 2
  • Charisma: 2


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