Danko Sōsai Ken
Danko Sosai Ken (Rei) manga

(だん) () 相殺(そう さい)

Kanji 断己相殺拳
Romaji Danko Sōsai Ken
English Self-Sacrifice Offset Fist
School Nanto Sei Ken, Nanto Suichō Ken style
Danko Sōsai Ken  (断己相殺拳 Self-Sacrifice Offset Fist?)
The ultimate technique of Nanto Suichō Ken. It destroys the enemy at the expense of the user's life. Rei performed this technique in his failed attempt to defeat Raoh.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Rei performs this against Raoh in volume 8, chapter 66, titled "The Unseen Demon Fist!" (見えざる魔拳! Miezaru Maken!?)
Rei Gaiden
Rofu performs this against Rei in volume 6, chapter 53, titled "The Heaven Soaring Waterfowl" (天駆ける水鳥 Ten Kakeru Mizudori?)
Hokuto Musō
Rei leaps into the air and strikes the ground upon landing, sending out a shock wave of ki around him slicing all surrounding enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • The effects of the technique are never revealed on-panel, as both times it is shown to be used, it loses out to another technique. However, in the TV series, Raoh reads through the technique and envisions it in action.

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