Daruka, in the manga
Name in Kanji ダルカ
Name in Romaji Daruka
Alternate spelling(s) none
Fighting Style Kazan Kakutei Harite
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family none known
Position(s) Gang leader
Appearances Manga (ch. 113), Anime (ep. 89)
Voice actor(s) Daisuke Gōri
Daruka (ダルカ, Daruka)
Leader of a gang of bandits and master of Kazan Kakutei Harite. After his men bring him a bunch of female captives, Juza gatecrashes the scene, urinating into Daruka's mouth from atop a building and calling him a toad. Juza jumps down and proceeds to break Daruka's neck before taking his food and women.

TV SeriesEdit

In the anime, Juza pours a pail of washing water into his mouth instead of urinating on him. One of Juza's men leaves dynamite after the brief fight.