Dragon, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ドラゴン
Name in Romaji Doragon
Fighting Style Nanto Ryūjin Ken
Allegiance(s) Shin
Position(s) Member of KING
Appearances Anime (ep. 10)
Voice actor(s) Saburō Kamei
Bob Papenbrook (dub)
Dragon (ドラゴン Doragon?)
Appears only in the TV Series. Dragon was a practitioner of the fire-breathing Nanto Ryūjin Ken style who worked with Patra as members of KING. The two of them operated from a castle on Mount Ryujin, kidnapping young men and women from nearby villages for their slave market. When Dragon first meets Kenshiro, he tells him that Yuria is located at Southern Cross, and attempts to persuade him into joining forces against Shin. However, Kenshiro rejects his offer in the name of the villagers who have fallen victim to Dragon's crimes.
With negotiations over, Dragon tries to kill Kenshiro with a spiked ceiling but he manages to escape. Kenshiro fights Dragon and Patra together and turns the pair's fighting style against them. Dragon accidentally kills the blinded Patra with his flame-breath before Kenshiro strikes Dragon's Zenchō (前頂) vital point, which seals his lungs and causes him to combust from the inside.


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