Dù Tiānfēng (杜 天風 To Tenpū?)

The 58-year old big boss of a secret organization called the Tàihú Bāng (太湖幇, Taikopan, "Lake Tai Gang"). He
murdered Liú Zōng-Wǔ's father, Liú Zōng-Jiàn, in order to launder money from him when Zōng-Wǔ was still a child. Yasaka is in his employ. He has the habit of playing Mahjong against his men, always cheating or using drastic measures to win. He also created an electrified "Pressure Point Defense Suit" that would electrocute anyone that tried to touch him; an attempt at protecting himself from the Hokuto arts. During the Battle of Shanghai he managed to get in the good graces of the Kuomintang and become the commander of the anti-Japanese force support unit. After Zōng-Wǔ kills one of Tiān-Fēng's informants he asks Edmund Heckler to assassinate Zōng-Wǔ in order to avert any future retaliations.

Liú Zōng-Wǔ was able to safely kick him using his rubber-soled boots, shorting out the circuits on his suits and then sending him into the ocean where Dù ended up electrocuting himself to death.

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