Edmund Heckler (エドモンド・ヘックラー, Edomondo Hekkurā)

Flag of the German Reich (1935–1945) Balkenkreuz

A Colonel in the German Wehrmacht, he works as the National Revolutionary Army military advisor for the Nazi Party and has a side job as an arms dealer. He uses Liú Zōng-Wǔ to prolong the war so he can continue to profit from it. After Zōng-Wǔ kills one of Dù Tiān-Fēng's informants, he tries to kill Zōng-Wǔ at Dù's request but fails and is killed by Zōng-Wǔ.


  • There was a historical German arms manufacturer by the same name but the character in Souten no Ken is not intentionally meant to bear a similar resemblance.