Eva, as she appears in Rei Gaiden.
Name in Kanji エバ
Name in Romaji Eva
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family Yuu (adopted younger sister)
Position(s) Queen of Asgarðr
Appearances Rei Gaiden
Eva (エバ?)
Appearing in Rei Gaiden, Eva was the late Queen of Asgarðr , worshipped for her beauty and compassion. She built the city of Asgarzul to protect the women of the wasteland, who suffered from rape and violence. This was made possible through profiteering and by establishing a popular brothel within the city. She recruited a team of female warriors led by Frieda called the Valkyries to maintain the peace.
Eva was also a prophet and used this power to awaken men to their destinies. Following their night of passion, Rei found she had been killed and he was accused of her murder. In truth, Eva allowed Rofu (Rei's former master) to take her life in order that Rofu and Rei would fulfill their destinies.


  • Among Eva's lovers were Rei, Raoh, Souther and Shin. Ironically, all of them are shown in Hokuto no Ken having committed their love to another woman (all except Souther) or having rejected love at some point (Raoh and Souther). Rather than to treat this as an inconsistency, however, it could be seen as a series of feats requiring great charismatic ability.

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