Franco, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji フランコ
Name in Romaji Furanko
Fighting Style Explosives
Allegiance(s) Rock, Kenshiro
Position(s) Cowboy
Appearances Anime (ep. 131-133)
Voice actor(s) Michitaka Kobayashi
Franco (フランコ, Furanko)
One of the six cowboys who rode with Rock, a bearded dynamite expert who often smoked a cigar. During the fight against Hyoh and his private army, he used his dynamite to blow up a passing tank, sowing chaos and confusion among Hyoh's men. He was eventually cornered by a large group of soldiers, but used his last explosives in a suicide attack, taking many of the Rasho's men with him.


  • He is most likely modeled and named after the Italian actor Franco Nero.
  • His love of cigars and dynamite is similar to Jackal. Both characters use a lit cigar to light their dynamite at one point.