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Fūsatsu Kongō Ken
Fūsatsu Kongō Ken (Devil Rebirth) manga
Kanji (ふう)(さつ)(こん)(ごう)(けん)
Romaji Fūsatsu Kongō Ken
English Wind Kill Vajra Fist
School Rakan Niō Ken
Fūsatsu Kongō Ken (風殺金鋼拳 Wind Kill Vajra Fist?)
A Rakan Niō Ken technique that unleashes a powerful gale at the enemy.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Devil Rebirth performs this against Kenshiro in volume 3, chapter 25, titled "Death Cannot Be Deceived" (死神は欺けないの巻 Shinigami wa Asamukenai no Kan?)
TV Series
Devil Rebirth performs this against Kenshiro in episode 13, titled "Arhat Deva Fist! Once Released There's No Stopping It!!" (羅漢仁王拳! 動きだしたらもう止まらない!! Rakan Niōken! Ugokidashitara mō tomaranai!!?)
Raoh performs this against Kenshiro in episode 49, titled "The Greatest Battle in History, Raoh vs. Ken! YOU’RE THE ONE TO DIE!!" (史上最強の戦い ラオウVSケン! 死ぬのはきさまだ!! Shijō saikyō no tatakai Raō vs. Ken! Shinu no wa kisama da!!?)

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