Gōda (剛田?) is a character who appears in the original Hokuto no Ken one-shot manga published before the serialized version.

In the YomikiriEdit

A tall bearded mohawked punk, Gōda is a B-class Taizanji Kenpō warrior who uses his Yūsō Ryōdan Ken (熊爪両断拳?, "Bear Claw Bisection Fist") technique to rip people in half and has spikes hidden under his mohawk. He murders three people in an apartment building, including Kenshiro Kasumi's girlfriend Yuki, and then frames Kenshiro for their deaths. He was actually working for the Chief of the Kibō Police Department, who helped cover up Gōda's crimes. After Kenshiro escapes from prison, he challenges Gōda and kills him with the Hokuto Soryu Ha.

In the anime seriesEdit

Gōda appears in episode 33 of the anime series (voiced by Masaharu Sato), where he was re-envisioned as the Gōda the Bear-Man (熊男ゴウダ Kumaotoko Gōda?), who was one of those tricked by Amiba (in the guise of Toki) into becoming a guinea pig at the Village of Miracles. Goda was granted the strength of a bear at the cost of his sanity due to the torture of Amiba's experimentation, a position shared by Snake-Man and Mantis-Man, two other men who had been turned into Amiba's slaves, called "the Beasts." Kenshiro is first told about the "The Beasts" by Gertz.

When visiting the village of Miracles, Kenshiro is ambushed by Goda, the Snake-Man and Mantis-Man, the latter two are killed easily by Kenshiro, leaving Goda. Kenshiro finishes Goda with the Hokuto Soryu Ha, before Goda's death, Kenshiro is told it was Toki that did this to him.

Despite the change in context, the battle between him and Kenshiro is identical to the one in the original yomikiri story. Although he is never addressed by name in the anime, his last words before dying is "Gōda".



  • Although Gōda never actually appears in the serialized manga, the character Uighur, also a Taizan master, was modeled after him.
  • The Street Fighter character Zangief may have been based on him. Both have similar appearances and are associated with bears.
  • Also, Goda's appearance is very much like that of actor Mr. T.

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