峨嵋拳 (Emei Fist)

Martial art of Kiō Goram.


Kitotsu Ken

Gabi Kitotsu Ken (峨嵋鬼突拳, Emei Ogre Void Fist): A surprise attack which throws shurikens at the target.

Shutsudō Mōkō no Kata

Shutsudō Mōkō no Kata (出洞猛蛟の型, Kata of Ferocious Dragon Appearing from Grotto):

Yūmei Rōga Ken

Yūmei Rōga Ken (幽冥狼牙拳, Semidark Wolf Fang Fist) :


Gabi Shi (娥媚剌, Emei Spikes) : Mamiya's twirling spikes.

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