Gaira, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ガイラ
Name in Romaji Gaira
Fighting Style Self-taught imitation Hokuto Shin Ken
Allegiance(s) Jagi
Position(s) Member of Jagi's Gang
Appearances Anime (ep. 30)
Voice actor(s) Ikuya Sawaki
Gaira (ガイラ, Gaira)
A minion of Jagi who only appears in the anime, he claimed to have learned Hokuto Shinken from his master. Angry about Kenshiro ignoring his challenge by simply elbowing him in the face, Gaira tried to strike Kenshiro with a Hokuto Zankai Ken, but when he counted to ten it was himself that exploded.


In the original manga, a separate minion of Jagi named Gisatsu tries to use his own self-taught imitation of Hokuto Shin Ken. Gisatsu appears in the anime, but never tries to use any martial art on Kenshiro. The scene of Kenshiro elbowing Gaira is identical to the manga's equivalent scene with Gisatsu.


  • Danmatsuma: "Ohhh nooo!"
  • In the Italian dubbing, Gaira says he wants to be Kenshiro's sidekick, contrary to him attacking Kenshiro.