Gaiya, as he appears in Ten no Haoh.
Name in Kanji ガイヤ
Name in Romaji Gaiya
Fighting Style Kokuzan Ongyō Ken
Family Sakuya (younger sister)
Position(s) Puppetmaster of Meioh
Appearances Ten no Haoh
Voice actor(s) Masayuki Katou
Gaiya (ガイヤ Gaiya?)
Appearing in Ten no Haoh, Gaiya was a master of Kokuzan Ongyō Ken (黒山陰形拳?, "Black Mountain Secret Form Fist"), a martial art that allows him to control others and attack people without being seen. Gaiya plots to rule the world from the shadows by dressing in plain clothes to blend into crowds and by secretly pulling the strings of Meioh and his forces.
He mortally wounds Souga with his style, giving him two months to live. However, he comes out of hiding to confront Raoh, but his surprise attack is blocked by Raoh's touki, who proceeds to pummel Gaiya into oblivion.
In the Ten no Haoh anime, he also defeats Ryuga in the lead up to his fight with Raoh, and it is revealed that he is the older brother of Sakuya.


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