Name in Kanji ガロン
Name in Romaji Garon
Fighting Style Katō Jutsu
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Leader of Ken-Oh's Invasion Squad
Appearances Manga (ch. 63-65), Anime (ep. 44-46), Ten no Haoh
Voice actor(s) Saburō Kamei
Gallon (ガロン, Garon)
The leader of one of Ken-Oh's Invasion Squads (拳王侵攻隊, Ken'ō Shinkōtai) which occupies Mamiya's village after the destruction of Cassandra. He fights by using a fire-breathing style (similar to parlor tricks) named Katōjutsu (火闘術, "Fire Combat Skills") which involves spitting fire after consuming a whole can drum of petrol. Gallon forces the villagers to be loyal followers of Raoh or else be burned alive on a steel platform. Shortly after, he was killed by Rei when his stomach was sliced open and the petrol leaked onto open flames, causing him to combust.


  • His name was first given in the Ten no Haoh manga and mentioned again in the second Rei Gaiden one-shot.
  • His fighting style is called Ryuto Kaen Jutsu (竜吐火焔術) in the TV series.
  • He may be based on Prince Vultan a well-known birdman from the Flash Gordon franchise.