Galzus, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ガルザス
Name in Romaji Garuzasu
Allegiance(s) Souther
Position(s) Member of the Holy Emperor's Army
Appearances Anime (ep. 61)
Voice actor(s) Masayuki Kato
Galzus (ガルザス Garuzasu?)
A member of the Holy Emperor's army. He is first seen with a thug who has kidnapped children in exchange for information about Shu's hideaway. When he is captured by Jay and the other members of Shu's resistance, he fakes a story about serving Souther to protect his kidnapped little sister. While the resistance members let their guard down, he murders them in cold blood.
He later invades Swany Village, where he takes Ami (Jay's fiancée) hostage. On the river, he uses Ami as bait for Kenshiro. The thug who had joined him earlier unknowingly runs into a trap in the water meant for Ken and dies instantly. He has no luck when repeating this trick against Kenshiro, who sees through his crocodile tears and kills him.


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