Gamon, as he appears in the anime
Name in Kanji ギャモン
Name in Romaji Gyamon
Fighting Style Kōga Tetsujō Shi
Position(s) Asura
Appearances Anime (ep. 132)
Voice actor(s) Yukitoshi Hori
Gamon (ギャモン Gyamon?)
An Asura who only appears in the TV series, he wears scorpion-like armor complete with pincers and a stinger. After learning that Han has been killed, he plans to defeat Kenshiro and become the new Third Rashō.
Gamon sends his men to raid the nearby villages, taking the villagers hostage to blackmail Rock and his cowboys into eliminating Kenshiro. Rock agrees reluctantly and mistakenly believes that he's done the job after burying Kenshiro with a rock trap.
While Gamon's men search for Kenshiro's remains, Gamon leads Rock and co. to his secret fort where the villagers are being held. Rock preempts the obvious trap and brings reinforcements, but Gamon wipes them out with his Kōga Tetsujō Shi. Outmatched by Gamon and his annihilation squad, Rock offers his life in exchange for everyone's safety. However when all seems lost, Kenshiro swoops in and defeats the minions and calls Gamon a 'crayfish'. Gamon fires poison needles at him, but Kenshiro uses his tōki to deflect them right back at him.


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