Ganzan Ryōzan Ha
Ganzan Ryouzan Ha
Kenshiro hitting a Spade thug

(がん) (ざん) (りょう) (ざん)

Kanji 岩山両斬波
Romaji Ganzan Ryōzan Ha
Pronunciation [ɡaŋzaɴ ɽʲoːzaɴ ha](help·info)
English Rocky Mountain Splitting Wave
School Hokuto Shin Ken
Rocky Mountain Splitting Wave (岩山両斬波, Ganzan Ryōzan Ha) is a powerful Hokuto Shin Ken technique, taking the form of downward chop which fractures an opponent's skull.

The effect might be achieved without any direct contact, as usually moves involving the term Wave (, Ha) use Fighting Spirit (闘気, Tōki) to strike.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Kenshiro uses it on a Spade thug, later named Aaron in a mah jong adaptation, on page 82 of the 1st volume, titled "A Cry from the Heart" (心の叫びの巻, Kokoro no Sakebi no Maki)
Kenshiro would use it as the fatal blow against Kiba Daiō.

Hokuto Musō Edit

In the game, Kenshiro delivers a chop to the ground which sends a shockwave of ki outwards to attack distant enemies in a straight line causing them to explode.

Notes Edit

  • It is sometimes mispronounced as Ganzan Ryōzan Pa by the voice actors.