Gaoh, as he appears in Ten no Haoh.
Name in Kanji 我王
Name in Romaji Gaō
Position(s) Warlord
Appearances Ten no Haoh
Voice actor(s) Hideyuki Umezu
Gaoh (我王 Gaō?)
A rival warlord to Ken-Oh, originally mentioned in the Ten no Haoh manga, he only appears in the anime adaptation. He is the philandering ruler of the impregnable Black Steel Castle (黒鉄城 Kokutetsujō?).
After Ken-Oh's army fail to conquer the stronghold, Sakuya devises a plan to take it in one night. She successfully infilitrates the castle and seduces Gaoh, despite the misgivings of his general, Habaki. She lures Gaoh to the window, where Reina shoots him with an arrow. After Gaoh's death, Ken-Oh's army take advantage of the chaos and seize the castle.


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