Garay (Rei Gaiden)
Garay, as he appears in Rei Gaiden.
Name in Kanji ガライ
Name in Romaji Garai
Alternate spelling(s) none
Fighting Style Taizan-ryū Satsumō Ken
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family none known
Position(s) Asgarzul bouncer/Former convict
Appearances Rei Gaiden(Chapter 22)
Garay (ガライ, Garai)
Garay is a character from Rei Gaiden. He was a convicted mass-murderer once imprisoned at Villainy Prison, said to have killed almost as many people as Devil Rebirth. During his imprisonment, he was turned into a human puppet by Kepel and his hypnotic bell. The pair of them served as bouncers at Asgarzul.
Garay fought against Rei using his Taizan-ryū Satsumō Ken (泰山流殺網拳, Mount Tai Flowing Murder Net) technique, which throws a large fishing net to snare its prey. This troubled Rei when Garay gathered the wounded Valkyries and used them as a weapon. Yuu helped by stealing Kepel's bell, breaking the hypnotic spell over Garay, leaving Rei to kill the both of them.

Notes Edit

  • Given Devil Rebirth is hinted to have been a genetic superhuman created by the pre-war government in the manga, its possible the same applies to Garay, especially given his military clothing.