Garou, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ガロウ
Name in Romaji Garō
Fighting Style Taizan-ryū Zanjin Battō Jutsu
Allegiance(s) Ryuga
Position(s) Ryuga's lieutenant
Appearances Anime (ep. 73-76)
Voice actor(s) Masato Hirano
Garou (ガロウ Garō?)
Appearing in the TV series, he is Ryuga's lieutenant and master of Taizan-ryū Zanjin Battōjutsu (泰山流斬刃抜刀術 Taishan-style Man-Slicing Sword-Drawing Technique).
At first he wishes for Ryuga to overthrow Raoh and seize power, but falls in line with Ryuga's quest to decide if Raoh or Kenshiro will bring peace to the chaotic era. Garou faces Kenshiro at a recently captured village and declares that if Kenshiro wants to find Ryuga he will need to kill him first. After losing the fight, Garou keeps his word and tells Kenshiro that Ryuga is headed to Toki's village.


Garō (餓狼) is Japanese for "hungry wolf".


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