Gekiheki Haisui Shō
Gekiheki Haisui Shō (manga)

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Kanji 撃壁背水
Romaji Gekiheki Haisui Shō
English Strike-Wall Backwater Palm
School Nanto Gosha Sei, Garyū no Ken style
Gekiheki Haisui Shō (撃壁背水掌 Strike-Wall Backwater Palm?)
The ultimate technique of Juza's self-styled martial art. It charges the fighting spirit into a close-quarters blast. Raoh survived this attack by striking the vital points in Juza's shoulders to weaken the blow.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Juza performs this against Raoh in volume 13, chapter 109 titled "Sadness of the Secret Fist!" (哀しみの秘法拳! Kanashimo no Hihouken!?)
TV Series
Juza performs this against Raoh in episode 96 titled "Juza Falls! I'll Give My Life to Protect the Woman I Love!" (ジュウザ倒る! 俺は命を捨てても愛する女を守ろう! Jūza taoru! Ore wa inochi o sutete mo aisuru onna o mamorō!?)
Juza Gaiden
Juza performs this against Raoh in volume 2, chapter 16, titled "Star of the Five Chariots" (五車の星 Gosha no Hoshi?)

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