Name in Kanji ゲンショウ
Name in Romaji Genshō
Allegiance(s) Raoh
Position(s) Hermetic Monk
Appearances Anime (ep. 104)
Voice actor(s) Michihiro Ikemizu
Gensho is the leader of a brotherhood of nine warrior monks that have sequestered themselves in the mountains before the nuclear war. As their people have fallen under Raoh's rule, they are forced into a battle with Kenshiro. They try to use Kenshiro's temporary blindness against him by jingling their Khakkhara staffs to confuse his hearing. Kenshiro deactivates his hearing with a hiko pressure point and locates them using his spirit like Shu. Kenshiro spares their lives and tells them to return to the mountains and promises to defeat Raoh.

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