Gibara, as he appears in the anime.
Name in Kanji ギバラ
Name in Romaji Gibara
Fighting Style Kazan Gunrō Ken
Allegiance(s) Kiba Ichizoku

Kemada (older brother)

Kiba Daio (father)
Position(s) Bandit
Appearances Anime (ep. 26)
Voice actor(s) Juji Matsuda
Gibara (ギバラ, Gibara)
Kemada's little brother and one of the youngest of the Fang Clan. Gibara adores his elder brother and was reduced to tears over his death. A childlike character, Gibara loves cute things such as stuffed Pandas.
He tries to avenge his brother's death and prepares a coffin for Kenshiro and his companions. However, Rei puts him inside the coffin instead and cuts him into pieces. He appears only in the TV series. In the TV series, Rei asks him if he has seven scars on his chest instead of Kemada.

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