Name in Kanji ギサツ
Name in Romaji Gisatsu
Fighting Style Self-taught imitation Hokuto Shin Ken
Allegiance(s) Jagi
Position(s) Member of Jagi's Gang
Appearances Manga (ch. 40), Anime (ep. 30)
Gisatsu (ギサツ)[1]
Gisatsu was a member of Jagi's gang who claimed to know Hokuto Shinken by imitating his leader. After Kenshiro killed Kubaru, Gisatsu challenged him with his "expertise" of the art. Kenshiro elbows him in the face while tending to a wounded villager, before paralysing Gisatsu and burying him up to his neck in the ground, leaving him at the mercy of the villagers who now have a saw as a terrified Gisatsu begs them for mercy.

TV SeriesEdit

While Gisatsu appeared in the anime series, he doesn't pretend to use Hokuto Shinken like he does in the manga (this role was reserved for Gaira, an anime-only underling). Gisatsu attempts to get away, but is caught by Kenshiro and buried to the neck in the ground. The villagers pummel Gisatsu, but leave him alive.

Video Games Edit

Gisatsu appears in Hokuto No Ken for playstation where Kenshiro interrogates him in a cutscene, unlike in the manga Gisatsu explodes after the interrogation instead of being left for the villagers. Additionally Gisatsu's appearance is used by several generic members of Jagi's gang.
The name 'Gisatsu' was given to him Hokuto no Ken Online where he appeared as an enemy.