Gojiba, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ゴジバ
Name in Romaji Gojiba
Fighting Style Unknown; uses swords, knives and teleportation
Allegiance(s) Kiba Ichizoku
Family Fang Clan
Position(s) Member of the Kiba Clan
Appearances Manga (ch. 33), Anime (ep. 26-29)
Voice actor(s) Yasuo Tanaka
Gojiba (ゴジバ)
Kiba Daio's right-hand man and informant. Ninja-like and said to be smartest of the Kiba Ichizoku. He is the one who informs Kiba Daiō of Airi's whereabouts. He dies before the fight between Ken and Rei after taunting the former and questioning Kenshiro's concern over the captured women.

TV Series Edit

In the anime, Gojiba displays the ability to teleport similar to Joker and showcases great skill with throwing knives when threatening Mamiya.

Video Games Edit

Gojiba (Hokuto no Ken 3)

Gojiba portrait in Hokuto no Ken 3.

Gojiba shows up as a random enemy simply under the name "Kiba" in Hokuto no Ken 3. His sprite is used again for a game original character, an Asura character known as Gatekeeper, who guards Hyo's castle and attacks Kenshiro in a misguided attempt to avenge Sayaka, but is easily killed in a boss battle.

Notes Edit

  • Gojiba is one of the only characters to show advanced martial arts skill, yet never fight nor have his style named. Though it is reasonable to assume he practices some version of Kazan-ha Kenpo, as everyone else in his family does.
  • Gojiba is mistakenly refered to as a master of the Axe in the italian dub.

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