GOLAN gang

The GOLAN organization.

Golan (ゴラン, Goran)
The Golan (the Provident in the Viz's English edition) organization is a militia composed of specially trained commandos that belonged to the fictional Red Beret (特殊工作隊(レッドベレー)) special forces unit prior to the nuclear war. In the manga, the members of Golan think of themselves as God's chosen and are seeking to create God's Land (神の国(ゴッドラド), Goddorando, Providence in Viz's English edition), a nation for their elite race, by capturing young women and girls for procreation. One of their controlled cities is Oasis, 10 km. to the north, for food and water.
After Kenshiro rescues Lin and other women from a group of Golan commandos, he witnesses the horrors of the organization beforehand and decides to infiltrate the group's training camp. There, he confronts their drill instructor, the Mad Sarge, a knife fighting expert and user of blood squirting needles. After defeating him, Ken comes face to face with the group's founder and leader, the Colonel, an expert of the Nanto Muon Ken (南斗無音拳, South Dipper Silent Fist) style. Other members include the Major, who is armed with a garrotte (razor whip in the anime).

TV SeriesEdit

In the TV series, the Golan organization became God's Army (ゴッドアーミー, Goddo Āmī), which is revealed to be one of King's subordinate organizations whose leader worship Shin as his deity.

1986 movieEdit

In the 1986 movie, the Colonel appears as the security leader of Shin's palace in Southern Cross.