Golem, as he appears in the TV series.
Name in Kanji ゴーレム
Name in Romaji Goremu
Fighting Style Swordsman
Allegiance(s) Yuda
Position(s) Member of the U.D Gang
Appearances Anime (ep. 53)
Voice actor(s) Masashi Hirose
Golem (ゴーレム, Goremu)
A fanatical thug working for Yuda, who keeps young women captive at Blue Town. When Kenshiro and Rei help a gang of young men to rescue the girls, the remaining thugs fearfully disband, but Golem is willing to die for his mission and attempts to murder his hostage so she would die a prisoner. Rei intervenes and slices his arms off and Kenshiro finishes him with a technique resembling Hokuto Kaikotsu Ken (北斗壊骨拳 Bone Crushing Fist) saving the girl at the last second.

Notes Edit

Golem (Hokuto no Ken 3)

Golem's unused sprite in Hokuto no Ken 3

  • Golem has an unused enemy portrait in Hokuto no Ken 3.