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Gonzu in the manga
Name in Kanji ゴンズ
Name in Romaji Gonzu
Alternate spelling(s) none
Fighting Style Human hammers
Allegiance(s) n/a
Family none known
Position(s) Abida's lackey
Appearances Manga (ch. 105), Anime (ep. 73)
Voice actor(s) Yasuo Tanaka
Gonzu (ゴンズ?)
A pig-tailed minion of Abida who is a record holder in a cruel sport called the "human hammer throw" using people instead of the traditional ball and wire). Speaks in Nagoya dialect. When he used a villager in one of his throws, it results in the villager's wife and child crying. Kenshiro beats him in his own game, using Gonzu as his "hammer".
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