Guruma, as he appears in Kenshirō Den.
Name in Kanji グルマ
Name in Romaji Guruma
Position(s) Slave trader
Appearances Kenshirō Den
Voice actor(s) Tesshō Genda
Guruma (グルマ Guruma?)
A slave-trader in Gesso City, with an annoying "Dehe dehe" laugh, who takes great pride in his "goods". Before the nuclear war, he was the president of a software company and Siska worked under him as section chief. After the apocalypse, he now lives in servitude to "General" Siska, who holds his young son hostage to maintain his obedience.
Guruma captures Yaman and his family as slaves and also takes the injured Kenshirō along too when he sees that he has slain an entire pack of wolves. He tries to market the injured Kenshirō as "The Wolf Slayer" and gives his life to save Kenshirō during Jugai's invasion. He begs Kenshirō to save his child in return. However, It was not to be: His son, like the rest of the inhabitants of Gesso City was lost in its destruction.


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