Guzuri, Jira, and Naburi
As they appear in the anime
Name in Kanji グズリ・ジラ・ナブリ
Name in Romaji Guzuri, Jira, Naburi
Fighting Style Taizan-ryū Shisoku Ken
Allegiance(s) Kogure
Position(s) Kogure's gang members
Appearances Anime (ep. 88)
Voice actor(s) Unknown
Guzuri (グズリ Guzuri?), Jira (ジラ Jira?), and Naburi (ナブリ Naburi ?)
Three bandits, led by Kogure, who together practiced Taizan-ryū Shisoku Ken (泰山流四束拳 Mount Tai Four Coil Fist?), a style where they attack the enemy in tandem. They were part of a small bandit gang who murdered a chicken farmer and stole his livestock. Kenshiro hunted them down and when they tried to kill him to join Ken-Oh's army, he avenged the farmer's death.


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