Gyūki, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ギュウキ
Name in Romaji Gyūki
Alternate spelling(s) Gyuuki, Gyuhki, Gyuwki
Fighting Style Enhanced physical strength from Amiba's experiments
Allegiance(s) Amiba
Family none known
Position(s) Member of Amiba's Dummy Hunting Team
Appearances Manga (ch. 46-47), Anime (ep. 34)
Voice actor(s) Kazuo Oka
Gyūki (ギュウキ)
A minion of Amiba's who was given the strength of the bull. With his superior Habu, Gyuki went around challenging men to arm-wrestling competitions with the promise of a month's worth of food if they win. Gyuki arm-wrestles a man on a table saw and slices the man's arm off when they lose. Kenshiro then takes Gyūki's challenge and stuns everyone present by beating Gyuki and snapping the brute's arm in the process. Angered, Habu knocks Gyuki out with his pole. What happened to Gyuki afterwards is unknown.

Other Appearances Edit

Gyuki appears with Habu as Amiba's henchmen in DD Hokuto no Ken.
Hokuto no Ken for playstation features Gyuki. Like in the main series, Gyuki challenges to an arm wrestling match. If Kenshiro wins, Gyuki leaves due to his broken arm. However if Gyuki wins, he accompanies Habu in the boss fight. When battling with Habu, Gyuki cannot be defeated, meaning Kenshiro must focus his attacks on Habu.