Gyoko (manga)
Gyoko, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ギョウコ
Name in Romaji Gyōko
Fighting Style Unknown
Allegiance(s) Kaioh
Position(s) Asura
Appearances Manga (ch. 190), Anime (ep. 141)
Voice actor(s) Yū Shimaka
Gyoko (ギョウコ, Gyōko)
A morbidly obese Asura who is self-conscious of his weight to the point that he kills anyone who insinuates that he is fat or compares him to a pig. He rides a train called The Peregrine Falcon (ハヤブサ号, Hayabusa-gō) across the wasteland on the hunt for Kenshiro in order to win favour with Kaioh. Kenshiro rips both of Gyoko's arms off and sends him flying with a single punch, where he's impaled on the front of the train.

TV seriesEdit

In the anime, he intends to plow through a village that is blocking his path but the train is halted by Kenshiro. Recognizing Kenshiro from a wanted poster, he seizes the opportunity to kill him, but his minions are destroyed and Gyoko is defeated by a blow to the stomach. Kenshiro sends Gyoko on the train back to Kaioh, disrupting the funeral being held for Sayaka.
Gyoko survives long enough to pass on Kenshiro's declaration of war, which incurs the wrath of Hyoh. As Gyoko's body explodes from Kenshiro's previous attack, Hyoh obliterates what's left of him with his matouki.