Habaki, as he appears in Ten no Haoh.
Name in Kanji ハバキ
Name in Romaji Habaki
Fighting Style Nanto Shūga Ken
Allegiance(s) Gaoh
Position(s) Gaoh's General
Appearances Ten no Haoh
Voice actor(s) Jin Horikawa
Habaki (ハバキ?)
Appearing in the Ten no Haoh anime, Habaki was the General of Gaoh's army, a rival warlord to Ken-Oh, and user of Nanto Shūga Ken (南斗隼牙拳 South Dipper Falcon Fang Fist?). His feelings for his commander are ambiguous, as he disapproves of Gaoh's womanizing ways and sheds tears during his master's impromptu funeral.
03.mkv snapshot 09.04 -2013.03.25 10.52.53-
Habaki is killed by Ken-Oh whilst defending the Black Steel Castle (黒鉄城 Kokutetsujō?).
03.mkv snapshot 14.00 -2013.03.25 11.00.37-

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