Habu, as he appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji ハブ
Name in Romaji Habu
Alternate spelling(s) Viper, Hobb
Fighting Style Kō Ken
Allegiance(s) Amiba
Family none known
Position(s) Member of Amiba's Dummy Hunting Team
Appearances Manga (ch. 46-48), Anime (ep. 34-35)
Voice actor(s) Ichirō Nagai
Habu (ハブ Habu?, "Viper")
The diminutive leader of Amiba's (the false Toki) guinea-pig gathering squad. He was given the speed of the monkey by Amiba via acupressure. Habu is the manager who rigs Gyuki's arm-wrestling matches with saws. He is the master of Kō Ken (Monkey Kung Fu) and fights with a Ru Yi Bang staff. Kenshiro ends up locking his hands to his staff with a vital point and by force smashing him straight through a stone pillar (in a dark comical way). He is mistakenly killed by Amiba when Ken used him as a human shield to block a sword thrown towards him.


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