Hahaja (Mother)
Kaioh mother(manga)
'Hahaja', as she appears in the manga.
Name in Kanji 母者
Name in Romaji Hahaja
Family Ryuou (ancestor)
Kaioh (son)
Raoh (son)
Toki (son)
Sayaka (daughter)
Ryū (grandson)
Position(s) Hokuto Sōke servant
Appearances Manga (ch. 202), Anime (ep. 148)
Voice actor(s) Akiko Tsuboi
Hahaja (母者, Lit. Mother)
The unnamed mother of Kaioh, Raoh, Toki and Sayaka. She lived in Shura no Kuni with her children and was a servant of the Hokuto Sōke clan. She sacrificed her life to save the baby Kenshiro and young Hyoh from a fire in the palace at Gaibuden. Her death led to Kaioh going mad with grief, and also left Raoh and Toki projecting their loss onto Yuria later in life.
She appears in flashbacks in both the manga and TV series.