Hishō Hakurei
Hishō Hakurei (Rei) manga

() (しょう) (はく)

Kanji 飛翔白麗
Romaji Hishō Hakurei
English Soaring White Loveliness
School Nanto Sei Ken, Nanto Suichō Ken style
Hishō Hakurei  (飛翔白麗 Soaring White Loveliness?)
This secret Nanto Suichō Ken technique launches the user into the air where they descend on the target with a powerful double-strike that slices through the opponent's shoulders. Rei used this technique to defeat Yuda.

Appears in Edit

Original Manga
Rei performs this against Yuda in volume 10, chapter 81, titled "The Last Flight of the Waterfowl" (水鳥は飛ばず Mizudori wa Tobazu?)
Rei Gaiden
Rei performs this against Rofu in the Last Chapter, Volume 6, titled "Again" (再び Futatabi?)
Rei performs this against Karen in the second one-shot, titled "The Magnificent Avenger" (華麗なる復讐者 Kareinaru Fukushūsha?)
Hokuto Musō
Rei performs a single, graceful looking somersault. As he lands, his hands slices horizontally to his front. His attacks radiate a white aura that cuts anything in their path.
Hokuto no Ken Banpresto
Zaki performs

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